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We teach HEALTH & PHYSICAL education. So why aren't most students healthy and physically active?

This is what 21st Century Health &
Physical Education Teaching looks like. Built by HPE Teachers with a combined 100,000+ lessons in the classroom.


Know your impact from every physical activity lesson for every student.
We convert the auto feedback to educative purpose for each PE Faculty.”

Heart Rate Watch is purpose built specifically for PE classes.

It auto collects every students actual response to physical activity.

There is INSTANT FEEDBACK on the
watch in class with the HR  intensity.

Without heart rate technology applied to your students, how you can you see the impact of their physical activity on health outcomes.

Do you know the IMPACT of your
students physical education classes and response to physical activity? Every term your students will receive their very own


You no longer have to rely on
‘observational outcomes’ only.


An additional inclusion are student
PERSONALISED HEART RATE reports. Auto generated at the end of every lesson. The PE teacher can see them in a class roll format.

Screen Shot 2019-12-08 at 8.15.36 pm.png

The Zone Heart Rate Watch is purpose
built specifically for PE classes. It auto
collects every students actual response to physical activity in real time.

Once data has been collected, how do
you the PE teacher convert this into

We have designed a step by step
ONLINE COURSE for schools to use.

There are 4 modules in year # 1 with
8 lessons per module.

Over six years we build on these
concepts as your students progress.

When your hardware lands you have the option for site location professional development and live webinar
professional development.

We have spent years formulating a step by step approach which works no
matter which school you work in.


Our onboarding means your staff will
receive up to two on site professional
development sessions and four plus
webinars per year.


We know our professional development
will help not only HPE teachers, but also
drive new student outcomes.

Introducing HEALTH COINS. A tangible achievement we place in your students hands. This is another form of VISIBLE LEARNING.

Each coin is attached to an achievement related to a students HEART FITNESS SCORES.

Now physical activity outcomes can be translated into the real world. Experience shows that students desire reward for effort. If improving health outcomes intrinsically was enough, then most people would already do it.

As soon as your students IMPACT REPORT shows they have achieved a HEALTH COIN, then we will send it out to your school too hand out to them.

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