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Shane Stubbs has taught HEALTH & PHYSICAL EDUCATION in Australian schools since 1988. He is an educator, author, physical activity HEALTH scientist, and education researcher. 

Growing up in a dairy town of 4000 people, called Bega NSW, Australia. Bega is famous for Bega Cheese, a $1.6 Billion company with products in 40 countries. 


Shane used to run from his house to the cheese factory and back every morning before school to improve his fitness when growing up. 


In 1989 he lost his father to a sudden and massive heart attack when his Dad was just 46 years old. It changed the course of his life. In 1990, he went to work for the National Heart Foundation of Australia and learned all he could about our number one killer - cardiovascular disease. 


He spent the next 25 years in schools and has taught over 30,000 lessons in HEALTH & PHYSICAL EDUCATION. 


In 2011 he began a journey of converting medical HEALTH research into education that anyone could understand. He has built himself to be an ‘EVIDENCE BASED ENTERTAINMENT EDUCATOR.’ Collaborating with more than 20 Professors across the globe, he is fascinated by research that can make your child physically healthy for a lifetime. 


The MY CHILD’S HEALTHY LIFE project is his most important work to date. With only 1.9% of todays 15-17 year old teenagers meeting the minimum guidelines for physical activity - it is time for a more impactful outcome for parents and children.   


He lives in Sydney Australia with his wife and 10 year old son. 


“I wanted my son to grow up and learn to be physically healthy for his lifetime. The data seems to prove that is unlikely. I thought, if I am going to teach my own son, why not offer what I discovered to every parent.”